“Coconut Cream Pie” Premium Oil Vape E-juice

Coconut with the creamy side pure bliss. You have the coconut that has a powerful taste and then you add the cream you get heaven. Vaping this e-juice feels like actually eating a coconut cream pie. The creamy taste mixed with the heavy thick vapor cloud is a vape users dream. The low content of 2mg of nicotine lets you puff clouds and cloud rings like a champ. Professional vape cloud blowers like this blend because it hits the perfect spot at the same time giving you the thick cloud you can do anything with. If you are a coconut lover and you can blow clouds like art than this is your choice of vaping oil.

“Sex on the beach” Premium Oil Vape E-juice

Sex on the beach is alway a nice fantasy that has or can happen. Cig-E offers the vape juice that will give you that fantasy after vaping it. The smell is welcoming to everyone that it strike conversations all the time to the opposite sex. Great puffs of vape clouds of love in the air is such the idea of a romantic time. Sex on the beach is a low nicotine oil that you and your soulmate can puff all hours of the day. Kick off your shoes and stick your feet in the sand. Send you mind to the place you like and puff away.

“Cookie Monster” Premium Oil Vape E-juice

The cookie monster only eats the good ones… Cookie monster vape juice is packed with great taste for the traditional cookie taste. Not only that cookie monster taste great but the aroma makes heads turn when this juice is vaped. Thick vapors from this blend that sends the user getting more where it’s hard to keep on the shelf at stores. Cookie monster nicotine dosage is only 2mg so it’s not too harsh in the throat and you can puff all day with this stuff. Try cooking monster today and or compare it to the other guys, cookie monster will be the top choice for taste and scent.

“CAFE SUA DA” Vietnamese Iced Coffee Vaping E-juice oil

In the 19th century, the French introduced Robusta coffee bean to Vietnam. The robusta coffee bean has a much more bitterness taste than most other coffee beans. The bitterness taste is mixed with concentrated milk to sweeten down the bitterness.  The sweet strong coffee bitterness is the signature of the vietnamese coffee. CIG-E offers this authentic taste to the world in e-juice vaping oil because most traditional vietnamese coffee drinkers love their coffee and cigarettes together. “Cafe Sua Da” vape oil is blended for thick milky clouds with a twist of milk coffee taste. The blend is 70PG/30VG handcrafted with a perfect amount of 2mg of nicotine so it’s a smooth vape with a smooth taste.

“CIGA-MELON” Cigarillo Watermelon Vaping E-juice oil

“Ciga” cigar mixed with “melon” watermelon, who would’ve thought of a taste that sounds so untasteful but very tasty at the same time? The pleasure of watery melon combined with premium tobacco flavoring brings out your exotic side. Ciga-Melon nicotine by volume is 1.5% unflavored and 2% flavored so the nicotine level is 5mg. The vape oil blend has a little kick to the back of the throat delivering the sensational tobacco intake feel. Vape ciga-melon with anyone who vapes because not only the flavoring is at a perfect level of sweetness, but it pleasures the tobacco and the sweet tooth vapers satisfaction.

“PRANGO” Pineapple Mango Vaping E-juice oil “Cool-Breeze” technology

The fantastic pineapple plays with the mellow mango and you get “Prango”. This vape oil is very delightful sending your taste memory to the beach with a cool-breeze. Pineapple has that welcoming flavor of fruitness deliciousness, and Mango always has that exoctic creamy fruit taste that’s not too sweet but just right; both flavors together makes excotic paradice for the forbidden forest flavor seekers. Prango is also blended with a cooling herbal called “cool-breeze technology” that cools your throat and mouth like a mentholatum but without the menthol taste. Cool-Breeze technology is favored by the people who like mentholatum and want a soothing change.